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Welcome to the # 1 Place for Shipping Solutions

Optimize Your eCommerce and Desktop Shipping Requirements with InterShipper!

  • How much is shopping cart abandonment costing you? How much could you save in non-production shipping costs with more effective control?
  • "Research firm eMarketer puts 2003's cart-abandonment rate at 52%, while a recent NetIQ study found that consumers attribute 35% of their abandoned carts to high shipping costs and lengthy delivery times." Parcel Shipping & Distribution Magazine, March 2004
  • InterShipper stops cart abandonment or corporate website shopping frustration due to lack of dynamic shipping information!
  • Save up to 50% in non-production shipping costs simply by ensuring proper management of these expenses.

Let InterShipper help you by using our logistics application to control all of your shipping needs. From rating and order processing, to pickup or drop-off scheduling, policy compliance, plus real-time tracking and in-depth reporting, InterShipper enables you to more completely manage the transportation activities that can add a positive impact to your bottom line. Across the enterprise or at an e-commerce check out, empower employees to confidently make transportation decisions or enhance your customers' buying experience, while providing full compliance to established corporate guidelines and policies.

Whatever the transportation or shipping need, we're committed to your success, so give us a call today - experience the difference InterShipper can make in your customer service ratings! We want to help YOU grow YOUR business!

  • Support for FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL International
  • Extremely fast web-based service
  • Custom shipping discount or surcharge management
  • Shipping support to over 200 countries internationally
  • Pickup and drop-off scheduling
  • Shipping label printing & consolidated, real-time tracking

  • Sorting and filtering with custom parameters
  • Local address book for contact management
  • USPS address verification reduces charge-back expense
  • Transaction reporting and retention
  • Straightforward integration with popular shopping carts
  • Customer survey programs available to assess experience

"from the first click... to the last mile"