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Our Mission

To deliver a premier web-based shipping management service with speed, accuracy and dependability.

Our Goal

To be the best-in-class, web services company providing optimization and management tools for our client's logistics requirements. To provide a tool that will enable our clients to streamline shipping operations, while maximizing market share penetration in their respective industry through exceptional customer service.

The Problem

One of the most frustrating challenges remaining today for a great many purchasers and vendors alike is knowing what something costs to ship and how to automate business rules or policies that ensure the most appropriate service level is selected for that transaction. Vendors have many carrier and transportation relationships to manage, as well as satisfying the customer's delivery expectation. The ability to integrate all of a company's transportation relationships into the supply chain system, through a singular interface, has been a challenging exercise, requiring a significant investment in hardware and software infrastructure, not to mention the human capital resources. Additionally, a customized solution that works well for production shipping transactions quite often breaks down when applied to non-production or desktop shipping activities. At InterShipper, you get it all with one API!

Our Solution

InterShipper simplifies the process of customers' online purchase transactions, by providing quick and accurate shipping service level options, in real time, while the purchasing decision process is occurring. This real-time information enhances the buyers' shopping experience and creates repeat customers. Sellers enjoy the benefit of managing all their carrier contracts through a single interface, creating customer loyalty due to the enhanced customer experience and analyzing their customer's buying and shipping habits through InterShipper's management reporting features.

In the auction marketplace, where interested bidders routinely disengage because the total cost of an item cannot be quickly assessed, InterShipper removes uncertainty by allowing pre-bid or pre-purchase shipping estimates. Bidders stay engaged longer and eventually afford the seller a potentially more lucrative auction.

Just a few of the InterShipper benefits:

  • Significantly reduce missed orders - increase sales
  • Reduce online shopper cost concerns and move them to a purchase decisions quicker
  • Turn shipping into a competitive advantage
  • Increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, and experience
  • Automate package tracking requests and lost-package research
  • No additional hardware or software to install and maintain
  • Straightforward XML integration into eCommerce applications and websites
  • Affordable cost yields rapid ROI

For more information or to discuss your needs for a real time shipping solution contact us here.

For more information about integrating your site with our services please read our Integration Overview Document.